God is the Gospel

i admit, i stole this title from a book i like…but, in studying God, and the names and titles of God, it amazed me how the names of God point right to the Gospel. For instance:

  • Jehovah (YHWH, the LORD) – Gen. 2:4, et. al. – This is the primary name of the Lord, indicating His eternality. It is used some 6883 times. This name indicates presence of being at all point in time. For instance, in the book of Revelation, a common adjectival phrase describing Christ encapsulates this: “Who was and is and is to come.” The author of Hebrews says something similar: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He is immutable, unchanging from times to times.   

  • Light: Psalm 27:1; Isa. 60:19, 20; John 1:7-9; I Jn 1:5 –The title of light references two aspects of God: His Holiness and His glory. Christ described the light of Himself as a moral light (i.e. holiness) which would drive out the darkness (John 12:46). When His light enters a room, it reveals the darkness and sin which is present (I Cor 4:5). Light is not only a reference to holiness, however. Light also references His Glory, the Shekinah Glory of the Lord. Psalm 104:2 references this aspect, with God being described as covering Himself with light. Throughout Israel’s history, they remembered being led by the light of God, His glory. In fact, when Moses came off the Mount from the presence of the Lord, his face was glowing brightly from the glory of the Lord (Ex. 24:29; II Cor 3:7).
  • After establishing God’s holiness and purity, we can see that God is everywhere, and knows exactly who we are:



  • The Strong One Who Sees – Gen. 16:13 – “Seeing” is often associated with knowing. In the Garden, when Adam and Eve hid themselves, God called out to them because they were beyond His lne of sight. His calling to them indicated to them a wondering where they were. God, therefore, is the God Who Sees, and by extension knows, what is always happening. That He is the Strong One who Sees indicates that not only does He know what is going on, but He has the capability to do something about it



Because we are sinners, something had to be done to reestablish peace and relationship between God and man. Man was made for God’s glory. Since we have sinned, we have offended God’s glory. Yet:

  • The Lord Our Righteousness – Jer. 23:6; 33:16 – Even in the OT, the Lord was understood to be man’s righteousness, for man in himself was entirely unrighteous (Isa. 64:6). Therefore he needed the righteousness of God. God promised a Seed throughout the Old Testament which would serve as this Righteousness. Isaiah especially was told about the role of this Messiah (Annointed One).   

  • The Lord Your Sanctifier – Ex. 31:13 – Man is inherently sinful (Rom. 5:12). Since God cannot look upon sin (Hab. 1:13), man needs God to intercede on his behalf and purify him. This God has done. It is God alone who sanctifies and sets us apart. It is He who changes rebellious hearts to those which are willing to follow and obey.
  • The Lord will Provide (lit. see to it) – Gen. 22:14 – This is an amazing promise, that the Lord will provide for our needs. God put Abraham through a very difficult test, and provided for him the way oiut only when Abraham had chosen to walk by faith (James 2:21). God’s provision is predicated on faith and obedience. God has provided His Messiah, the Lamb of God, to provide righteousness for man.  

  • The Lord is Peace – Judg. 6:24 – God created man to be at peace with Him. Because of sin, however, man was seperated from God and therefore no longer at peace with Him. Romans 5:1 declares that we have peace with God through Christ. This indicates that before we were justified by faith, we had no peace with God. Isaiah 48:22 and 57:21 declare that there is no peace for the wicked. Romans 5:10 declares that before salvation we were indeed enemies with God. However, Christ became our peace (Eph. 2:14) that we might be reconciled to God. He now shows His peace – His lovingkindness and mercy (Jer. 16:5) – to those who were once His enemies.   

Finally, as Christians, we have been forgiven. God is not only the God who forgives us, but He is:

  • God-Who-Forgives – Ps. 99:8 – It’s easy to think about God forgiving (I John 1:9). However, to think about it as one of His names is a different matter. God’s forgiveness extends to all those who have offended Him, and come and repent to Him (Acts 8:22).


One thought on “God is the Gospel

  1. This is awesome! I’m currently doing a devotional series on the Names of Jesus. My next series was going to be the Names of God. This was really a blessing to read! Kate

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