Deputation – Week Two

This week we had the priviledge of visiting Pastor Thomas and his family in Berwick, PA. We met Pastor Thomas at The Wilds Couple’s Conference last fall. We had a great time with the family (5 kids!). The folks in Berwick seemed very interested in missions, and what God is going overseas. Pray with us for Pastor Thomas as he is looking for effective ways to reach out into his very mainline, overchurched, and under-gospeled community. Interesting thing about this church is that they meet in an old Kingdom Hall. Even though they’ve been in the church for 8 years, many people in Berwick still associate the church with a Kingdom Hall.

One thought on “Deputation – Week Two

  1. It was our privilege to get to know you even better, and to have you spend the weekend with us here in Berwick. “Be not weary in well doing” whether you are on the road on deputation, or like us and plugging away in a small ministry for years! May you be encouraged and blessed by those you meet along the way. (Our new convert brought another new visitor with her last night along with returning ones!)

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