Deputation – Week Five

This week we went to Thompson, PA, from Springville. Thompson is another small rural community. We had a great time visiting Pastor Sandeau and his family. Emily and I have really enjoyed all the opportunities for fellowship at each church, and seeing how God is using each church in each community. Everywhere we go is different, but each Pastor understands his unique mission field. Pastor Sandeau has worked hard at learning the people and his church’s history, and is working hard to build his church as a light of the Gospel in Thompson. Pray for Pastor Sandeau and his family as they continue to reach Thompson. They have a great kids ministry, with almost half the church being kids from unchurched families in the community. It was a pleasure to see.

And Thompson is very laid back. No rush at all. Ever. We just sat and chatted for hours. It was very nice, but anyone who knows me knows this is one area God is working in me full-time. Definitely trying to learn.

On the way to Thompson, we stopped by  an old treat: Mannings Ice Cream. You can’t not like it. Good times.

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One thought on “Deputation – Week Five

  1. brandon–sweater vest, jacket, shades all while posing with an ice cream cone, (not holding because one hand is in your pocket which makes it a pose) and wait, what would accompany that preppy outfit in the background? a barn and manure…i miss you guys.

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