Deputation – Week Four and a Half

My life has changed. I met Sadie. Much to Emily’s pleasure. Finally, a dog I can appreciate. No shedding, no yipping, and the perfect size. It was great.

Anyway, we had a great time with Springville Baptist Church during the Missions Conference in our Fourth Week. We met up with the Burrills, with whom we had gone to Candidate School. Pastor Rosenau and his wife were a pleasure, and we had an absolutely phenomenal time with the Woods. Monday night we presented our Field to the Church Family, Tuesday I preached, then Wednesday night we shared our testimonies with the Church and taught the young children during the preaching. We had a lot of fun that whole week.

Springville Baptist Church is a church full of history. Dr. Anderson, President of BMM, was previously the Pastor of Springville. Pastor Rosenau, the current Pastor, is the grandson of Ferd and Isa Rosenau, two of the original missionaries who went with William Haas to inland Africa. We were very honored to be able to join this church for their Missions Conference. Continue to pray with us for Pastor Rosenau and his church family as they reach rural Pennsylvania with the Gospel.

I also found out during the week that there are still a lot of unpaved roads in Pennsylvania. But it was no problem.

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