Deputation – Week Three

Week three of Deputation found us in Philadelphia, PA visiting Pastor Hicks and the First Baptist Church of Ogden in Boothwyn, PA, which is really Lower Chichester…good times. Anyway, we spent the whole week with FBC Ogden, and had a great time. We started out Saturday night at a youth outing at a local mall – one of the largest in America, FYI. We were supposed to do a scavanger hunt, but mall security wasn’t really hip on the idea, so we ended up walking around and socializing. It was a great time anyway. Sunday we had a great time with the FBC church family – the largest church we have been to so far. It was a great time. Later on in the week we went out with a couple from the church, and I attended some Seminary classes. I may be catching the schooling bug; starting to think about finishing that graduate work. We also got a chance to see some family in the area, as well as view some of the historic parts of Philly. Pray with us for the work that God is doing in Philadelphia, and particularly in the suburb of Boothwyn through the First Baptist Church. Pastor of FBC Ogden

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