Deputation – Week Seven

Week seven was by far the most interesting week so far. We began in Ripley, NY where we attended a local Pastor’s Fellowship in the area I grew up in. We met a number of Pastors, and saw some I hadn’t seen in years. It was a nice time of reunion. After the Fellowship, we were off to New York City. However, as we were pulling out of town, we began to have some van issues. Part of our brakes came apart. Fortunately, there was a mechanic nearby, and he told us that what had come apart was not essential in the short-term. As long as we got it fixed when we got home, he said, we would be fine. So we took his word for it and headed back off to NYC. Our Sending Church supports a missionary couple, the Watkins, who work with Liberians in NYC. We had the opportunity to stay with them for a couple of days and take in the Big Apple. We hardly bit a chunk out of it. 🙂 We rode the Staten Island Ferry (and saw Lady Liberty as we floated by), saw Ground Zero, the FBC of NYC (quite a sight…very historic church), and Central Park. Friday evening we also saw Times Square (lit up like a Christmas Tree). It was amazing. Traffic was crazy. I was very glad we didn’t have to drive in the city too much. Sunday we presented our ministry at Bethel Baptist Church in Commack, NY. Bethel Baptist was really neat. They were very multi-cultural. Very. It was not a large church, but there were folks there from all over the world. Including a Brazilian. Dona Maria. We were very excited to meet her. We were even able to practice our Portuguese with her a little bit. We really enjoyed staying with Pastor Hall, his wife Margaret, and their youngest daughter Diana. Not too long ago, this church was a BCP church, struggling along. But it has grown and God has been blessing the ministry of His Word. Pray with us that God continues to use this church to reach Long Island with the Gospel of Christ.

On the way home from Long Island we spend a couple days in Rome, NY at the Empire State Fellowship Spring Conference. We had a great time meeting several pastors with whom we have scheduled meetings. It was great to put faces with names. We also heard from Dr. Doran from Inter-City Baptist Church in Detroit. It was a really great conference. We also met a couple of other missionaries on Deputation. We had a good time swapping stories. Good times.

We will be at Victory Baptist Church, our “Base-in-the-North”, for Easter. Our April Prayer Letter is also forthcoming (later today, hopefully).

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