Deputation – Week Six

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As we travelled to our meeting this week, we drove further and further into the mountains and hills of New York. And the further we got into the hills, the further we got from cell phone coverage. We got rather used to this in Pennsylvania, but were amused that it was happening yet again, only now in New York. By the time we arrived at the First Baptist Church of Cincinnatus, we had nothing. But it was all good. Cincinnatus is a small farm town between Syracuse and Binghamton. We had a really great time with this church family. It was amazing to see a rather large church in such a small town. Most of the town attends the First Baptist Church. Pastor Perrott has been shepherding this congregation for almost 20 years. We were very excited to see his care for the church and the direction he is leading them from the Word. This church is being taught God’s Word very effectively, and really seemed interested in hearing and applying God’s Truth. The town is an old farm town, and most of the farms are dying out. Pray with us for Pastor Perrott as he leads this church through an economically challenging time for his town.

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