Deputation – Week Eight

Last week we had the privilege of presenting our ministry at the First Baptist Church of Corry, PA. Corry is a small city in northwestern PA, not far from where I grew up. Pastor Alger and his family have been serving at this church for the past 3.5 years. We had a great time at a small youth conference FBC had with a couple other churches in the area. They gather together for a time of Bible Quizzing, Bible teaching, games, and (the most important part) food. It was a great time. I also had a blast playing basketball with James, one of Pastor Alger’s sons. I didn’t bring any play clothes, so I shot around in dress shoes. It was a lot of fun anyway, though.

After the meeting on Sunday, we joined Pastor Alger and many other Pastors at the PARBC Spring Conference. We caught up with the Pastors from a few churches we have already visited, as well as Pastors from churches we will be visiting soon. We really enjoyed the fellowship of this Pastor’s conference.

We spent Mother’s Day with Victory Baptist Church, here in Albion. It was a great time honoring our Moms.

Also included are a couple of pictures of the roof of Victory Baptist Church. We had a really bad windstorm (sustained gusts around 90 mph all day long) one day a couple weeks ago, and it did a lot of damage to about every building and many trees in Albion. So before we left for Corry, we spent some time working on the church roof. Glad to report, it’s almost all fixed now.

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