Deputation – Week 9

It’s hard to believe we have been on deputation for two and a half months now. Time does fly! We are continually excited and amazed at the doors The Lord continues to open for us, and are humbled by these many opportunities. This last week we visited the First Baptist Church of Belfast. My mother-in-law spent many years of her youth in this church. The drive down was not too far (an hour and a half or so), and was absolutely beautiful. We are in the peak of Spring right now, and everything is the most vivid green imaginable. God’s creation is wonderful. Anyway, we met Pastor Merrill and his family Saturday afternoon, and had a great time with them, their kids, and another couple from the church over dinner. Pastor Merrill and his family served as Missionaries to the Navajo out West for a number of years. They have served in Belfast for about four years now. Pastor was going over plans for Sunday with me Saturday evening, and mentioned that they were going to a nursing home Sunday afternoon – would we like to come. We jumped at the chance, and then he asked me if I would speak there. I haven’t spoken in a nursing home since I was in high school. Great opportunity for stretching, right?

The church building was very unique, in a good way. It was a very old church, and the inside had a very stately feel to it. Everything was wood with deep crimson cushioning. I intended to take some pictures, but I neglected to. Anyway, services went very well, and we really enjoyed ourselves with the church family. After the morning service they had a potluck dinner (felt like we were back home!), and we presented our ministry after dinner.

We spent Saturday night with the Spinks. Yes, those Spinks. Kenneth, one of their sons, pastors a church in Cleveland, right near BMM, and he serves on the Board at BMM. David, another son, serves as a missionary in Brazil. And Jon serves in Chili as a missionary. The Spinks we stayed with are the boys’ parents. And they were fun! We had a great time playing Crazy Uno with them until late in the night. In fact, we had so much fun on Saturday night that when we said goodbye on Sunday, they invited us to stay that night too, and play some more Uno! Of course, we said yes. It was a great time of fellowship, games, and of course, stories. We heard many stories of the many guests that have come to the Spinks’ home. It was just a great time all around. We are so thankful for the Merrills, the Spinks, and the FBC of Belfast for hosting us and partnering with us in prayer for our ministry.

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