Deputation – Week 10

This week was another great week of deputation, and learning about God. Emily and I, this week, gained a fresh appreciation for God’s creation. We were in Southern PA this last week, and were blown away by the beauty of the steep, rolling hills, the bright green grass, and full forests. It was really neat to see. And tucked into the hills of Southern PA was Faith Baptist Church, a very warm and welcoming church family, with whom we spent a couple days. The Pastor of Faith is Paul Roofner, and he and my Father-in-law were both Pastors up in Maine a number of years ago. We didn’t put these connections together until recently, but it was fun to make those connections nonetheless. Pastor Roofner has been at the church for almost 30 years now, and it was very encouraging to see such a deep-rooted commitment to God and to the people of this ministry. This church seemed to be a very missions-minded church.

Many folks in the church were farmers. In fact, one gentleman in the church who was in his 90’s only just stopped milking cows a few years ago! There was a lot of pasture land, but because of the hit farming has taken in the economy over the past few years, most current farming is only “hobby farming,” and farmers earn their income doing something else.

Unlike the rest of the country right now, this area is doing very well economically. A number of gas companies have been mining for gas all throughout the region, which is really giving a boost to the economy. Saturday Pastor was telling us about how every now and then – very rarely, really – the mines have to burn off some of the gas because the pressure gets too high. He said they really don’t do it very often. I said I thought it would be neat to see, but didn’t hold my breath. I should have. Not more than a few minutes later we looked out the window, and a well on the ridge across the valley was burning off. That was pretty cool. So, we snapped some pictures of it to share with you all. As the night got closer, we drove over to take a good look at it and got some more pictures. We also saw a really cool covered bridge. More pictures.

Pray with us for the Roofners as they continue the ministry in Waynesburg. As times change, the issues the church and community face change, and they are learning to meet the needs that a declining culture is having. Pray that God will continue to bless their ministry and the folks will continue to grow in grace and knowledge.

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