Deputation – Week Fourteen

Because of Father’s Day, we had a week off from deputation which we spent with our sending church, Maranatha Baptist Church. We stayed with Andrew and Jess Milroy, my brother-in-law and his wife. We had a great time with them and our many friends and family.

After this visit, though, we hit the road for Union City, and Calvary Baptist Church. We had met Pastor Baltich at the PARBC Spring Conference, and there realized we had several other connections in common. First, my Father-in-law had spoken at a camp in New York a few years ago, and Pastor Baltich was a counselor at the camp during that time. Both Andrew and Adrian, my brothers-in-law, had been in his cabin. Also, he and Pastor Alger from FBC Corry, are very good friends, being so close to each other geographically. So our meeting with them felt very much like a reunion and re-acquaintance. Calvary Baptist Church is a small church, and Pastor Baltich is doing much to grow the church and rejuvenate it. Most of the folks who attend are older, however this Sunday there were many visitors, all of them our age. That was very encouraging for the Baltichs.

We had a very good time fellowshipping with the Baltichs. We have many things in common with them, being at similar places in our lives, and having similar upbringing and schooling. We stayed the night with Pastor’s mother, who was also a great encouragement to us. Her husband had been in the ministry many years as well, before he went Home. She was able to give us some wise words of encouragement. It is always neat to see believers who have lived faithful lives for the Lord and are now in their twilight years. They always encourage us that it is worth it in the end, and to stay faithful. As a young person who really knows nothing of the costs, this is encouraging to hear.

After our meeting with Calvary, we drove to the next town (Corry), and visited with the Algers again. They invited us to a church picnic they were having that evening, which we gladly accepted. I played lots of basketball that evening, and it was really fun to hang out again with all the folks from FBC Corry. They seemed genuinely glad to have us there and see us again.

July is going to be a very busy month for us. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare for it.

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