Deputation – Week 15

This last week was a lot fun. We had the opportunity to visit the First Baptist Church of Sherman, in Sherman NY, the town I grew up in. Pastor Sears has been a friend of our family since my dad was a kid, so we go back a long way. Plus, my old youth leaders, whom most of you know were very influential in my life, are members there. So we had a great time of reunion. It was nice to be among folks who know me and remember me from back in the day. We had great fun Sunday afternoon chilaxin’ with Pastor Sears in their new home, catching up on old times. No pics right now. My phone lost them. Admittedly, however, that was my own fault. Anyway. Sherman is a small farm town, so keep Pastor Sears in prayer as he strives to grow and lead this church body.
Thank you all for your continued prayers. This week we found out the Lord has blessed us with 25% of our support. Pray He raises the rest in His time. Thanks so much.

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