Deputation – Week 16.5

We are beginning a very busy few weeks. This is our very first Wednesday meeting, and we had the opportunity to join the First Baptist Church of Butler for their midweek fellowship time. I met Pastor Maitland at the PARBC Spring Conference, and had a good time of fellowship with him then. He is a very friendly, encouraging man of God. Butler is a good-sized city just north of Pittsburgh, PA, and the First Baptist Church is quite a large church. We had the opportunity to be fit into the schedule of FBC’s Missions Emphasis Month. Every Sunday and Wednesday during the Month of July they are having another missionary family in to speak, present, or report on their ministry. It was quite intimidating to come into the middle of Missions Emphasis Month, knowing the caliber of missionaries coming in before and after us. We got into Butler in the mid-afternoon on this hot Wednesday. It was low-to-mid 90s all day, and we were glad we had air conditioning on the way down. Pastor Maitland was also out at the church’s camp all week, going back and forth between the church and the camp, so things were pretty busy around the church. We had a chance to help out getting a church dinner ready before the service. We had some great spaghetti with several other families from the church before the service began. It was a good time of fellowship and getting to know the church. It was really neat to talk with some of the folks and find out about the outreaches the FBC is involved in. The church does a lot to reach out evangelistically into the city, and this was very encouraging to see and hear. I had a great time talking with one gentleman who was saved just a few years ago as the result of the ministry of the FBC. In the end, it was a great time of fellowship.

After church Emily found out the Mickey-D’s was having 25 cent smoothies, so we went out and splurged on a smoothie. It was a nice cool ending to a hot day.

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