Deputation – Week 16

Summertime is officially upon us, and we began to feel the heat as we headed into the Lehigh Valley in Eastern PA. We had a great time, though, visiting with Pastor Bird and his wife, and their two sons, and ministering with the folks at Grace Baptist Church in Whitehall, PA. Pastor Bird is bi-vocational, and he and his wife both work in the medical field, he as an EMS, and her as a nurse. We had a great time with them chatting about the ministry and theology.  Their sons ventured into the philosophy behind animation from a Christian perspective, which was very unique for us. We had a good time of fellowship with them. We were actually there for Mrs. Hall’s birthday, so we had a fun little celebration with them for that. Their church family was very friendly, also. It was exciting to hear how the Lord worked for the church to get them their current location in an ideal neighborhood of Whitehall.

While we were down in Whitehall we visited our very first WaWa. For those of you not from SouthEastern PA, WaWa is a convenience store which is all the rage. It reminded Emi and I of Sheetz, but the locals swear by it, insisting the coffee is second to none. It was pretty good coffee. It got us home safe. 🙂

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