Deputation – Week 17

Week Seventeen began for us on a hot Saturday, rather than on Sunday, like normal. Pastor Manwarren, from Calvary Baptist Church in Lockport, NY, invited us several months ago to help out with Calvary’s Kid’s Day. Lockport is not far away from our base here in Albion, NY. Pastor Manwarren has been friends with my father-in-law for a number of years. Kid’s Day involved a lot of planning on the part of the church, and all-hands-on-deck from everyone involved. We arrived at the church at 10:00 on Saturday morning and began setting up tents, preparing a dunking booth (how jealous we were that we were not going to be dunked), getting inflatable gyms set up, and preparing other games. Emily and I had been asked to prepare the evangelistic message for the day. We would be presenting a 20 minute Gospel presentation at half-hour intervals. We prepared to use balloon animals as a means of presenting the Gospel to the kids, telling them about the Creation, then the fall of man, and how we no longer glorify God the way we were created to, as animals do. Pray with us that those illustrations would sink into the long-term memory of the kids.

We ended up having the best spot of the day. It was another hot day, in the 90s. Everyone was outside working hard, and we were in the nice air-conditioned sanctuary, “suffering for Jesus.”  🙂

It was very encouraging to see that most of the church came and helped out with the outreach, and they were all very involved and working to see it succeed. It seems like many times you only have a very small “dedicated” core group of people working hard at that type of outreach. However, pretty much the whole church was there working hard to see it succeed.

We stayed that evening with the Manwarrens and presented our ministry with the church family the next day. We continued to have a good time of fellowship with the church family throughout the day. It was particularly neat because we had already been able to build relationships with many of them the previous day during the kids outreach. Sunday seemed to feel a lot more comfortable with the folks because of that.

Right after the evening service, we left for our Week 18 Adventure – Camp at Moose River Baptist Youth Camp.

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