Week 19 – Vernon Forest Baptist Church

We spent all of Week 19 doing VBS at our Home Church in NY, Victory Baptist Church. We were the Missionaries for the Week, telling the kids a little about Brazil and God’s call to us for Brazil. Emily also helped out with the music, teaching the kids different songs every day. I was on standby to teach a class should there be overflow. I also helped out in the sound room, and helped out in the game time. It was a fun week, and the kids really seemed to have a good time. First thing Saturday morning Emily and I headed off for North Carolina, where we have our one (so far) meeting in the South. We had the opportunity to visit Pastor Brown and Vernon Forest Baptist Church. We had a great time with them, though it was a pretty busy weekend for them as well. The folks at the church were very welcoming and friendly. We had a great time with Pastor and his wife, their daughter and her husband, and their new granddaughter during lunch. We saw a few people at the church that we recognized or knew, and met many other folks. It was interesting to talk with Pastor Brown about the North and the South. He’s a Yankee, hailing from Ohio where he served as Pastor for a number of years. He had some interesting observations about the differences he has encountered between the North and the South. Continue to keep Pastor Brown and his wife in Prayer as they are reaching out to the Winston-Salem/Thomasville area with the Gospel. They have a number of kids they minister through a bus ministry, and they really desire to be a light in the area of Winston God has placed them in.

While we are down here in North Carolina, we are visiting friends and family through the rest of the week. We will attend Wednesday Night services at our sending church, which we are really looking forward to. Then we head up to New York again this Saturday. Emily is even doing some of the driving on this trip. Anyway, though it is significantly hotter down here, we’re glad to be back among friends in the South.

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