Deputation – Week 21

Last week we had a day trip back down into the Southern Tier of NY. We visited Maplehurst Baptist Church in Hinsdale. Pastor Jenks was out on some much-needed vacation, so we were able to cover for him while he was out. We had a great time with the church family. Everyone was very friendly with us. We stayed the afternoon with one of the ladies in the church, Mrs. Whittaker, who was very hospitable and a great cook! Hinsdale is back up in farm country, so it was fun to talk about farming with some of the folks from the church. We traveled down to the church on Sunday morning and headed back Sunday evening. On the way home Emi and I were both in the mood for pizza, so we swang by Pizza Hut (best pizza on earth, fyi) and had a great dinner there.

Wednesday night we visited the First Baptist Church in Pavilion, just to say “hi.” We don’t have a meeting there until next month. We were painting Emily’s Grandparents’ house, so we figured we would visit that church while we were there.

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