Deputation – Week 22

This week we visited the Killawog Baptist Church. Killawog. You know, the town where they kill wogs. (What’s a wog?) Anyway, just to show our commitment, we drove through a hurricane to visit Killawog Baptist. Okay, maybe not quite. By the time the “hurricane” got to central NY, it was pretty much just any other rainy day. I guess the Catskills took the punch out of the storm. Anyway, we had a great time with Pastor Hendrickson and his wife and their church. It was rather surprising, this church had more people at their evening service than they did at their morning service. This was quite unique. Usually there are quite a bit fewer folks at the evening service than the morning, but this was quite the opposite. We found out that one of Killawog’s daughter churches is having a 150th anniversary celebration in a couple of weeks. That’s really neat to hear. Imagine how old that makes the Killawog church! Whenever I hear something like that I always think about Christ’s words in Revelation to the church at Ephesus; Christ told the church that if they continued to be unfaithful, he would “remove their lampstand,” or get rid of the church. So when I see churches that have been for a very long time, I see testimony to the fact that they have been faithful to the Lord, and continue to be a testimony in the place God has put them. And this is encouraging to see, particularly when so much of Christianity is falling away.

Anyway, we had a great time with them on Sunday. I taught Sunday School, Emily played the piano during the evening service, and we presented our ministry in the evening service. It was a good time.

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