Deputation – Week 23

With Labor Day weekend, we had a weekend “off.” However, last week I got to talking to Josh Zinz, a member at FBC Spartansburg, whom we had met a couple months ago. We were talking about running, and he invited me to participate in a 5K race his town was holding. With no other plans for the weekend, we decided to take the opportunity. So we headed down the Saturday before Labor Day and came home the Tuesday after. We had a great time with everyone in Spartansburg. We had a campfire Saturday night, a great time of fellowship in church on Sunday, and a great race day on Monday. Josh and Laura were wonderful hosts, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with them. It was kinda funny because on Saturday it was HOT! Like, upper 80’s to lower 90’s all day. Not exactly early September weather for upstate PA. Sunday cooled off a bit, to the lower 80’s. Then a cool front came through on Sunday night and Monday didn’t get out of the mid 60’s. Weather could not be more perfect for race day. Josh, Laura, and I all ran the race, while Emily cheered us on, eating deep-fried Oreo’s from the Fair. Ask her about it. đŸ™‚ Anyway, it was a really nice weekend. Emily also helped one of the girls in town make a cake for the Fair. That was her contribution. We were certainly glad God gave us that opportunity. Here’s a few pics from the weekend. Enjoy.

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