Deputation – Week 25

Okay, so I have a really good reason why I haven’t updated on last week’s meeting yet. Emily and I were all off our groove last week, and forgot all the essentials! Like taking a picture at the church. And coffee! How could we forget!? Anyway, last week we visited the First Baptist Church of Pavilion. Pavilion is about 45 minutes away from Albion, and is the town where both of Emily’s grandparents live. Actually FBC Pavilion is the church the Milroy Grandparents attend. So we had a great time with this church family, as many of them know Emily and her family very well. In fact, they had a picture of Aaron (Emily’s oldest brother) up on the wall commemorating those who are actively serving in our military.

Pastor Green was feeling a bit under the weather while we were there, so he was glad to be not preaching or anything all day. After the morning service we went out to lunch with him and his family, then headed over to the Grandparents’ house to crash in the afternoon. It was a rather shocking day in the football world. The Bills won. And the Lions won. The Steelers wreaked havoc, but that’s nothing surprising. Anyway. We had a good time with the Grandparents. Then in the evening we presented our ministry with the church family. Boy, did they have a lot of questions! It was actually pretty fun. They just kept asking and asking and asking. One boy actually asked what my favorite color is. We decided to wrap it up at that point. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a picture of the church…taken a week later. 🙂

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