Deputation – Week 26

So since our meeting in Pavilion, we have had two Wednesday night services in Albion. This school year Emily and I are teaching the 4th-8th graders. We’re really excited about the curriculum that we are using. It seems to be doing a very good job at showing the kids why we were created, and what that has to do with Christ. So we are slllllooooooowwwwwwlllllllyyyyyyyyyyy working through lesson 1. 🙂 Anyway, on Sunday we had the opportunity to visit Harvest Baptist Church in Bath, NY. Bath is the home of the Family Life Network, a Christian Radio and Production network which covers pretty much the whole state of NY and a good portion of PA also. Several of the folks in the church work at FLN. Anyway. So we drove into town on Saturday night. Pastor had given us directions to their home, but my GPS is supposed to work also. So we get to their road, and we’re looking for their house number. The very first house had no number. The second house was #32. We’re looking for #46. The third house was #28. What would you do? We went back to the first house, assuming that it must be #46. We went up, knocked on the door, and a gentleman came to the door who was…quite clearly…not a Pastor. So, I asked him if he knew where #46 was. Nope, he says, I’m #36. Hmm. So, we figured we’d drive around till we found the house. So we pile back in the van and keep trotting down the road. Past #26 was another number, can’t remember what. Anyway, then after that was #46. And it’s not like they were “North” and “South.” They were just totally out of order. We had to laugh. Anyway, we met the Lindmark family and proceeded to have a great time with them all weekend. That evening I played baseball with Gracie (the youngest) and Pastor in the back yard. Loads of fun. 🙂 Gracie won.

Sunday we met the church family. Harvest Baptist is a relatively young church. Pastor Lindmark is the first Pastor since the missionary pastor who originally planted the church. It was quite a large church, both in terms of building size and attendance. It was encouraging to see so many folks out to worship. We had a great time with them in the morning, then in the afternoon we joined them on their visit to the nursing home. They have nursing home ministry every month or two, and this was their week. So we all headed over there after lunch, and had just a really good time serving with them there. Two ladies kissed Emily’s hand. 🙂 She wasn’t sure what to do. “Thank you”? Is that the right response? Anyway. We headed home after that and got a chance to crash for a little while. Harvest wasn’t having their typical evening service this week. All the local ESF churches were gathering at another church about 45 minutes away to have a “Sing-spiration.” It was a very large gathering, and it was also a good time. It was so great to hear so many old hymns of the faith being sung with such enthusiasm. It was just a great time.

What made it even better, though, was that on the whole ride out and back, Robbie, the Pastor’s son, who is a Freshman at BBC, was asking me a whole bunch of theological questions. We just had a great discussion the whole ride out and back. It sounded like he had about as much fun as I did, which is a good thing. 🙂

We headed out on Monday morning, and stopped by the church in Pavilion to take the pictures we forgot to have taken last week. Oops. Anyway.

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