Deputation – Week 27

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since we have given a solid update on how deputation has been, and it’s not for lack of miles. So, week 27. Week 27 found us in Towanda, PA. Towanda is located in North-Central PA, right in the area that has been damaged by all the flooding. In fact, one couple from the church lost their home in the flood, and many other homes and businesses of folks in the church were at least damaged.

We met Pastor Hauser at the church on Saturday afternoon, and he introduced us to the couple who would be our hosts for the weekend: the Shanks. They were a great, sweet couple. They own a good amount of land up on the hill overlooking Towanda, so they were above all the flooding. They took us to their home, and we enjoyed the great scenery up on the mountain. We had a great time of fellowship with the Shanks Saturday night, getting to know them and the church family a little bit. Pastor Hauser has been pastoring at the church for some 15 years, replacing his father before him in the ministry. It was really neat to hear of the legacy of the Hausers. They have been together at the church for 60 years. It’s really neat to hear of that kind of faithfulness and consistency. That consistency really seemed to have a good effect on the congregation as they wrestled with certain cultural issues in a very mature way. We found out, though, that the church was easily the biggest we’d been to so far. We asked the Shanks how many would be at church, expecting an answer somewhere less than 100. Well, 350 was the response. We were a little more than surprised, and rather intimidated at that! Oh, they assured us, some were going to be out of town, so there would actually probably only be about 320. What a consolation! 🙂

Indeed, Sunday morning had around 320 people at church. Mrs. Shanks teaches a Sunday School class, and Emily sat in and shared her testimony in the class. I sat in on the College (sort of ) class. I guess it was more of just a mixed adults class. The class was really good. The teacher was really encouraging us all to think realistically about the Patriarchs, not just reading some romanticized version of the Pentateuch. Anyway. Sunday morning went really well as well, and the church family was a huge encouragement to us. Sunday evening we shared the ministry, and after church we got together with Mrs. Shanks’ father and sister, as well as Pastor and Mrs. Hauser for pizza. We had a great time discussing the ministry until (quite) late.

Monday as we were headed home, we decided to stop by the Lindmarks in Bath and pick up the shoes that Emily forgot last week. What a blessing that we did! Robbie had been texting me some doctrinal questions, and he was just getting ready to leave for work when we got to the home. So he asked his boss if he could come in a couple hours late, and we spent the next 2 hours tracing the history of the OT covenants and how they fit in to a Dispensational framework. It was a lot of fun. Emi forgetting her shoes was obviously the will of God. 🙂

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