Week 28

This week was very enjoyable for Emi and I, as we were visiting the church that I grew up in, the First Baptist Church of Mayville. This was almost more of a homecoming and reunion that what we’re accustomed to in a church presentation. We had spent the week working hard on our apartment on the back of the house, so a relaxing Saturday was most welcome. We drove down to Mayville early Saturday morning and spent much of the day with Randy and Jackie, my old youth leaders. We had a great time with them at the Fall Festival at Peak ‘n’ Peak. We rode up the ski lift and got a gorgeous view of the Autumn landscape. Saturday afternoon we met up with Sonya Johnson, the missions coordinator of the church and a long-time friend. She took us to the home of Mrs. Albright, a relatively recent member of the church. We had a great time with Mrs. Albright for the two nights that we were in Mayville.

Sunday church was a blast. It was fun to touch base with everyone and get them up to speed on what God has been doing in our lives for the past few years. I also was able to play some basketball with some of the young men in the church after the services. We had a big potluck lunch, which provided a great chance for fellowship. It was a lot of fun to see Pastor Mitchell, his wife Lisa, and everyone else in the church again after so long. The church seems to be doing quite well, which was nice to see.

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