Deputation – Week 30

This last week was pretty rough. After our meeting at FBC Corinth last Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to the ESF Fall Conference. This conference was very memorable for a number of reasons. Dr. Vogel was introduced to the Empire State Fellowship, and elected to be the new State Representative to replace Mr. Golden, who has served as State Rep for a long time. We also were able to touch base with a number of Pastors from the ESF, and spent some extra time with Pastor Lindmark and his family in Bath, since Bath was so close to the conference site. However, I started to come down with the flu while at the conference. I got home from the conference Tuesday afternoon pretty much wiped out. Emily’s oldest brother, Aaron, and his wife Stephanie, were in town visiting from California for the week. I pretty much spent the rest of the week in bed, though.

Sunday was pretty great, though. We were visiting Immanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, not very far from where we live. Back in March I had gone out with Pastor Miller, the Pastor at Immanuel, for breakfast. He and I had a great time of fellowship, and it was encouraging to see what a man of prayer he is. He definitely sets an example for me of commitment to prayer. So it was really neat to come and visit his church family. We had a great time of fellowship with this church family. Like FBC Corinth last week, we had a fellowship dinner with the church family after the morning service. Immanuel Baptist doesn’t have an evening service; like our sending church, they have a service after the fellowship dinner. So for the evening service we went with Pastor Miller and his wife to Bethel Baptist Church in Bergen for a Sing-spiration.

We got word this week that another church has taken us on! Praise the Lord, we are now at about 30% of our support!

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