Deputation – Week 31

This week we headed down the road to the First Baptist Church of Wyoming. New York. That’s right, there’s a Wyoming in New York. Not only can you go anywhere in the world in New York (Ithaca, Chili, Panama, etc.), but you can go anywhere in the US in New York, including Wyoming.

Wyoming is not actually to far from home for us. It’s less than an hour drive. FBC Wyoming is actually the home church of Emily’s Grandparents, the Smiths. It was fun to see them there and for them to hear the presentation of our ministry.

It was kinda funny; our GPS is evidently a Methodist; We put the address in for FBC, and it literally took us to the Methodist church parking lot. We pulled in before we realized we were at the Methodist church. there were a couple folks in the parking lot that we waved to, before we realized we weren’t at the Baptist church. Then we realized where we were. We were looking for a back way out, but there wasn’t one. So we drove past those folks we had just waved to, drove a couple driveways down, and pulled in to FBC. It was a little embarrassing, but I suppose it was funny, too.

We got in and met Pastor Evans, and chatted with him for a little while. He has been at the church for over 20 years. I have mentioned before, but it is very encouraging to see pastors who have had long, profitable, blessed ministries. It really seemed like the church was a very unified church, which was encouraging to see.

We presented the ministry during Sunday School, and had a lot of great questions. We finished really feeling like the folks understood the ministry God has called us to, and really cared, as well. I’m sure the family connection helped things feel more comfortable, but it was great anyway. There was a good number of folks out to the service, as well.

We spend the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Smith, had a great lunch, and got a good nap in as well. 🙂 The evening service was encouraging, as well. Emily and I left the services feeling refreshed and encouraged. Join with us in prayer for Pastor Evans and his congregation in the small town of Wyoming, as well as its nearby towns.

This week, after our meeting at Wyoming, we had pretty busy week. Monday was Halloween. VBC here in Albion had a “Fall Fun Night,” and we had a pretty good turnout. I was involved with a slingshot game, while Emily did balloon animals.

Thursday we had a lady from the community and her four kids over for dinner. Her kids have been coming to church with Emily and I for quite a while now, and we are glad to have this opportunity to build a relationship with them. Be praying with us for her salvation, and the salvation of her kids.

Today we spent all day working on the apartment. It’s really coming along! We thought we might get to some wiring and insulation today, but there was a lot of “little stuff” to get done. But, on the upside, the room is pretty much sealed shut now; the old door is sealed shut, two windows are permanently installed, and we’re almost ready to install the new door.

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