Deputation – Week 32

So, i guess we’ve been getting a little behind here with our updates! Since we were at Wyoming, we have literally been all over the State of New York – twice! So, on to the details! Three weeks ago, we visited Bible Baptist Church in Oswego, NY. The ride was beautiful; a straight shot across NY Rt. 104, 2 hours of beautiful scenery. It was Daylight Savings Weekend, so we gained an extra hour of sunlight first thing in the morning. Emily and I noticed the colors changing, and this was one of the first really brisk mornings. We were glad we were inside the heated van! We met Pastor Walker when we got to the church, and were introduced to his family. He has a son named Ethan and a daughter Amanda who are still at home. We were a bit sad that we didn’t get to meet Amanda; she was struggling with an illness.

There were a good number of folks who came out to Sunday School that morning as we presented the ministry God has called us to, and they had some good questions! It was a good time of fellowship. On top of that, just to walk into the sanctuary we had to walk past a coffee stand. It was grand!

After morning worship, Pastor and his family, and Mr. and Mrs. Sommers (with whom we would spend the afternoon) took us out for a Chinese buffet. I had actually been craving an egg roll over the past few days, so it was really nice to get my fix! We had a great time with them over dinner. The Sommers were very friendly and sociable.

After Lunch we headed over to the Sommers for some afternoon relaxation. I took a nap upstairs while Emily socialized. After I woke up we had coffee and talked technology. It was a great afternoon!

The evening service also went well. Bible Baptist has their AWANA clubs during the Sunday night service, but they still had a good number come out to the service.

We were very thankful for Pastor Walker and his hospitality. Continue to pray for him with us as he and his church family reach the city of Oswego with the Gospel.

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