Deputation – Week 33

This week that we’re looking back on was super-busy for Emily and I. Grace Baptist Church in Brockport asked Emily and I to come and participate in their AWANA Grand Prix. That was on Friday night. It was a cold night, and we actually had our first snow/wintery mix that night. But the Grand Prix went well. I was asked to give a short devotional, which I did from Paul’s command to “run the race with discipline” in I Corinthians 9. The kids really seemed to have a blast. We were very impressed with the creativity shown in the racecar designs.

When we got out to our van that night, we found a crack in our windshield, pretty much running the length of the windshield. We figured it must have been from the heat inside and cold outside that night. Anyway, that was unexpected.

The next day Emily and I were supposed to take our Wednesday night students out on their service project. We were going to rake leaves! So my Father-In-Law graciously took our van to Safelite in Rochester to get the windshield replaced while we took the kids out raking. I never thought I would have to teach kids to rake leaves! They had a lot of fun afterwards, jumping in the pile. We raked a huge lawn with several tons of leaves :), so they had a blast in the result of their hard work.

Afterwards, Emily and I packed up our van and headed across the state. I guess it’s what we do. Anyway, remember the church in Corinth that we visited a few weeks ago? That church was about half an hour north of Albany. Two weeks ago we visited a church right in Albany. Just for a point of reference. I must say that I-90 between Syracuse and Albany is pretty rough. There’s really nothing for that whole two-hour stretch. From Syracuse on west there’s a major city every hour, pretty much; Rochester, then Buffalo, then the State border and Erie PA right after that. But from Syracuse to Albany it’s just farm country. Anyway, when I called Pastor Walter to double check arrangements, he asked me if we would stay for a little while into Monday so I could speak at the Chapel they have in their Christian school. Latham Bible Baptist has a Christian School. So we planned to stay the extra little while.

We got into Latham in the early evening (with the time change it’s so dark now!), and Pastor Walter took us out for dinner to a Chinese buffet. Two weeks in a row! Does it get any better?! We had a great time of fellowship with them that evening, learning about what the Lord has brought them through and hearing about the ministry there in Albany. That whole area is VERY Catholic. It was interesting to see how that affected the ministry of the church, in contrast to other areas that we have been to which are not so Catholic.

I was pleased to find that Pastor Walter is a College Football fan, so that evening we watched what was supposed to be a pretty tough game: Number 7 Oregon vs. Number 4 Stanford. Oregon took care of business pretty efficiently, though.

Sunday morning we had a great group out to Sunday School. Again, we had a lot of good questions about the ministry. And the people seemed to be very personable. By the time we got into Sunday School we felt like we really knew some of the folks already. It was a good time of fellowship.

In the afternoon we headed back over to Pastor’s house for a great lunch and a nap. The Sunday Evening service also went really well, and everyone stayed for a long time after the services just socializing. We got to know a couple families in particular after the service.

Monday morning Latham Christian School had their chapel during the first period. So Emily and I got over there and had a good time meeting the kids and opening up God’s Word with them. A few in particular seemed to be really listening and taking things to heart. It was neat to see.

Afterwards, Pastor took us around the school and introduced us to the teachers and classes. It was neat to see a number of the folks from church on Sunday who were working so faithfully there in the school. After all this, we headed home. It was a neat trip.

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