Deputation – Christmas “Vacation”

Hello, everyone. We just wanted to give you all a quick update on the past couple weeks. It’s been kinda nice to be back in Albion for a little bit, although now the snow has begun… We had the opportunity last Sunday to fill the pulpit for Pastor Thomas at Bethel Bible Church in Berwick, PA. We had a really good time with all the folks down there, and aside from some kiddie illness, the Thomases had a good time away for a weekend. Later on last week we headed back down to the Bath area (quickly becoming our 4th base – after Winston Salem, Albion, and the Clarks Summit/Springville area – we are so blessed!) and met up with the Lindmarks, as well as meeting another Pastor for lunch to discuss missions philosophy and theology. It was a great time! Emily also had the chance to visit her old youth leaders, who now live in that area.

We are preparing for Emily’s brother and his wife and their son, as well as Emily’s sister and her husband, who will all be travelling into town this weekend – this means “the apartment” we have been working on must be livable by this weekend! What pressure! Yesterday we got the insulation put up, and this afternoon we will be working on the drywall. Several men from the church will be coming over to give us a hand (actually, it’s probably more likely that we will be giving them a hand, as they know much more about that kind of thing than we do). Be praying that it will all go smoothly and without too much of a hitch. It’s all very exciting to see how it’s coming along. It has felt for the past few weeks that everything has been stalled, because so much of the work was tedious little stuff. Now it actually looks like a construction project, with all the insulation up!

Next on our deputation “agenda” is a visit to our sending church at the end of the month. We will be there through most of January. I will be speaking in chapel a couple days at Grace Baptist Bible College.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can click on our Prayer Letter tab and read our most recent prayer letter. Thanks for all your prayers.

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