Deputation – Week Next (Week 35?)

Well, here we are in a new year! I know we haven’t updated in a couple of months, but there really hasn’t been much to say till now. We spent about a month with our sending church down in North Carolina from the end of December through most of January. It was a very refreshing, encouraging time to be with them all again. We were a little sad and homesick (in Brazil we say “saudade”) when we came back to the North, but it was good to get back as well.

Last Sunday, the first Sunday of February, we had our first meeting of the year. We were with Grace Baptist Church of Marion. Actually, I need to back up a couple weeks.

We came back from NC when we did so that we could attend the ESF Winter Conference. We got our seats that first afternoon, and we were sitting toward the front of the sanctuary. The service got started, and a Pastor and his wife slipped in at the last minute, right next to Emily and I. During that service, all the missionaries were asked to come up front and introduce ourselves to everyone, so that the Pastors would know who we all are. So Emily and I went up and introduced ourselves, and when we came back to sit down, the Pastor who had just slipped in and sat next to us introduced himself to us as Pastor Bantle, the Pastor of the church we would be with in just a couple weeks! Talk about Divine Placement! That was pretty cool. So afterwards we chatted a little bit and found out we had WAY more in common that I ever imagined. My Dad, when he was young, worked on a farm up here in Holly; wouldn’t you know it, but Pastor Bantle worked on the same farm at the same time! And they went to church together! Pastor Bantle’s Dad was my Dad and Grandpa’s Pastor! That was neat! So that all set the stage for this last weekend.

So then we got to Grace, and just had an amazing time with the church family there! Services on Sunday went well, and we had a big Brazilian meal afterwards. Emily made feijoada for lunch, and it tasted amazing! It seemed to be a hit with the folks in Marion, as well. Brazilian food is for everyone! 🙂

We watched the Super Bowl with Pastor Bantle and his family Sunday night (more good times), and came home on Monday morning.

Join us in praying for Grace Baptist as Pastor Bantle continues to serve there. He has been there for a long time, and the Lord is clearly blessing his ministry there. It was neat to see the unity in that church and fellowship that they enjoy.

Pastor Lewis from Fellowship Baptist Church in Highland called this morning to let me know he and his church family had decided to take us on! Praise the Lord! We are excited to see how He continues to provide for us.

Sorry we don’t have any pictures from this weekend. We forgot. We’re still getting back into “Deputation mode.” We forgot a couple things this weekend…just completely overlooked them. Anyway. Keep praying, and serving! We’ve got an awesome God!

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