Week – Intermission

Well, this week we had a week off. We were scheduled to head off somewhere, but we had to reschedule the meeting for July. So, we spent the weekend here in Albion. We took advantage of the weekend off, though, and on Friday night had a young adults open house. We only had a couple people come, but it was a good opportunity to begin to build relationships with them. They don’t attend church anywhere, so Sunday they both came to Victory with Emily and I. They both seemed interested during the church services, so hopefully they will continue to come and we will continue to have opportunities with them. Be praying with us for their salvation.

Then on Saturday we had our Wednesday Night kids come over for a few hours of game time here at the house. We played the Wii, Apples to Apples, and had a lot of pizza. It was a good time.

My Father-in-Law was determined not to give us a week off, so he asked me to speak in the afternoon service at Victory, before we headed off to the Nursing Home ministry. So, it was a pretty busy Sunday.

I’ve been working on a couple of theology studies – hit me if you’re interested. I’m sure some of it will come through here on the blog eventually. Anyway, can’t wait to tell you all about this coming weekend!

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