Week 37

This last week was really exciting for Emily and I. We grew up here in NY, and as youngsters, every Winter, we attended the Youth Conferences hosted by the First Baptist Church of Marilla. Well, this week we were able to go back to Marilla and present our ministry with them! It was a lot of fun to go back to a church that has had such an influence on us through the years and actually be able to tell them about that! Then we found out that we have a whole bunch of extended connections with Pastor Briggs and his wife! This is a large church that God has obviously been blessing over the years because of their continued outreach and service not only to Marilla and Lower Buffalo, but to the whole Western NY. We’re very thankful that we had this opportunity to share some time with them. Be praying for them, because they are currently gearing up for this year’s Youth Conference. In just a couple weeks, several hundred young people will descend on the small town of Marilla for young-people craziness and spiritual edification. It’s always a great opportunity.

Sorry, no pics this week.

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