Deputation – Week 38

This last week brought us to Grace Baptist Church in Tully, NY. We headed out to Tully first thing Sunday morning. Actually, that was kind of funny. This winter has been very mild here in NY. Friday had actually been quite warm – up near 50 – but when we left on Sunday morning it was 18 degrees and snowing. Go figure. It wasn’t a bad drive to Tully, though. Tully is a little bit South of Syracuse. We got there and the snow was just starting to make a blanket on the ground.

We met Pastor Fraser and his wife, and spent a few minutes chatting and learning about them and their ministry. The church services went well. The church was not a large one, and the people were very friendly. We were encouraged to see quite an age span among the church members.

After the morning service we chatted with a couple who were visiting from out of town. They live in the Clarks Summit area of PA, but travel up for Syracuse basketball games. Anyway, they introduced themselves to me as friends who had gone to church with us back in PA when I was very young. As soon as I heard their name I recognized them. It’s been so amazing to run into these people with connections to our families all over NY and PA who we have connections with.

We had a great, relaxing afternoon with Pastor, his wife, and their daughter. The snow came and went throughout the afternoon. Emily says it was very pretty. 🙂 The evening service went very well. The church has a young man learning to lead music, and Emily played the piano. Both did well.

We drove home Sunday night through the snow. It wasn’t bad, all in all.

Pray with us for Pastor Fraser and his family as they minister here in Tully. It’s a small town that doesn’t seem to have much time for the Gospel. Pray that they find doors of opportunity to share the Gospel.

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