Deputation – Week in CA

This last week was a little different for us. Just a little. We spent the last week out in California. My younger brother, Adam, was getting married out there, so we went out for the wedding. Since our anniversary is not too far away (just a month and a half!) we decided to celebrate early. So we headed out on Tuesday for San Francisco. When we got in to Santa Cruz (the town we were staying in), we decided to begin seeing the sights. So, we began (where else) at the beach. We were a little disappointed at how chilly it felt outside, but it was a beautiful day other than that. Wednesday we did a little more sightseeing, looking at some of the other things there in Santa Cruz. Wednesday night we found a good church about 20 minutes north, where we attended Prayer Meeting, as well as Sunday services. The folks there at First Baptist Community Church were very friendly, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.

Thursday began wedding preparations. We met Adam’s fiancee (wife, now) at the church early Thursday afternoon and began making decorations. The wedding theme was very unique; it was a barn-type theme, with a lot of burlap, dried grass, and rope. My family got into town that afternoon, so we all went out together Thursday night.

Friday was another busy day, full of wedding preparations, as well as the rehearsal. Everything was coming together very well.

Saturday was the wedding. Very much an unforgettable day in many ways. We went over to the church early to begin getting ready. The groomsmen had pictures first, so I needed to be dressed for that. While we were having those pictures taken, Emily was out, and got into an accident elsewhere in the city. Boy, was that crazy! She wasn’t hurt, but we dinged up our rental car pretty good. It doesn’t seem to have been her fault, but our insurance company is still sorting everything out. That pretty much changed our weekend! The Lord was very good through it. The accident could have been much worse, injuring Emily. It wasn’t though, and things seem to be sorting out rather quickly.

The wedding itself went pretty smoothly. Nobody forgot any rings or anything…it all went off without a hitch…except that now they are hitched. Anyway. Lame, I’m sure. 🙂

We took my Grandparents to church with us on Sunday, and again had a very good time. We were a little apprehensive going out to the “Left Coast”, but it was very nice to find a good, conservative Baptist church.

Monday we took in all the sights of San Francisco. The city was absolutely beautiful. We even got a chance to spend dinner with my Uncle and Aunt before their flight out later that night.

Tuesday was our departure date. We met up with an old friend for coffee, then got a call that our flight out of San Francisco had been cancelled due to high winds, and our flight would leave from San Jose instead. Not a minute later we got another call from our hotel: we had forgotten one of our bags. So off we went back to Santa Cruz to grab our bag. Then we were off for New York. We got back in early Wednesday morning. What a crazy week. But God was very good to us through the week. It was a very nice week.

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