Deputation – Week 39

Hey, just a quick update on this past week. We spent last Sunday here in Albion at Victory Baptist Church. We had the opportunity to teach the Youth Group Sunday School class. They are beginning a section on Ethics, so we had a good time introducing them to the Holiness of God as the foundation for our standards of right and wrong. In the afternoon we went over to the nursing home for an afternoon ministry over there. One of the deacons brought the message over there, and it went very well. We had a good time with them.

Wednesday night we wrapped up the series of lessons we’ve been working on with our children. We had a narrative that summarized all that they had learned, so it was pretty much a re-cap of the past 6 months or so. We then took the kids outside to enjoy the beautiful evening and play some games with them. The Lord has blessed us with weeks of unseasonably warm weather, which has been very nice to enjoy.

We’re getting ready to hit the road running starting this weekend. We should be off to the races through October, so we’re looking forward to the coming months. Keep us in your prayers as we travel. Also, our teammates are doing a lot of travelling over the next few months. The Bells are getting ready for a long trip beginning this weekend, when they will be traveling from NC up through the North. Darrell Peavy is already down in FL for some meetings. So please keep us all in your prayers.

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