Deputation – Week 40

What a week! It has been a really amazing past week. Saturday we drove down to Hope Baptist Church in Hanover, PA. Some of you may remember last Fall, when we attended the PARBC Fall Conference in Hanover. We had stayed over in Gettysburg, and had a great time at the conference. Well, this is the same church! Naturally, we have been looking forward to this weekend since at least then. Anyway, we traveled back down to Hanover on Saturday. We spent the early evening with Pastor Harris and his wife. They took us out to dinner, and we enjoyed their fellowship and sense of humor! Then Pastor took us over to the Armstrongs, with whom we would spend the next few days.

Mrs. Armstrong is a very musical lady in the church. We had met her when we were down for the Fall Conference. She plays many different instruments, and had invited Emily over in the Fall to teach her how to play the AutoHarp. Anyway, we had a good time getting to know Mr. Armstong, whom we had not met when we were down before.

Sunday was a very encouraging, exciting day. Hope Baptist is a pretty good-sized church, and we had a great time meeting a lot of folks and renewing aquaintance with those who had helped out in the Fall with the Conference. The services went really well all through the day. In fact, a young lady trusted the Lord as her Savior after the morning service. That was exciting news! How exciting to think of Our Father rejoicing!

When we were down in September, even though we were staying in Gettysburg, we hadn’t had the chance to do any sightseeing. I had never actually even been to Gettysburg to sight-see. So on Monday we made a trip over to Gettysburg. The Armstrongs have a CD-guided tour they let us borrow, and we spent all morning driving around and checking it out. Then, for lunch, we met up with our teammates, Brandon and Regina Bell, and their son (our “adopted” nephew), Anthony. It was really good to see them again. They were headed to New Jersey for a meeting.

Monday night we stayed with the Armstrongs. They had invited us to stay and enjoy an extra night with them. Emily attended a women’s Bible study that night, while I went with the two Armstrong sons and a few other men to play basketball. Tuesday we bade them all farewell and came home. It was a very enjoyable weekend.

Pray with us for Pastor Harris and his church family in Hanover. It was very exciting to see the intentionality of his ministry – pray that God will continue to raise up leaders as Pastor seeks to teach them and prepare them and equip them for the Christian life.

Wednesday night we began a new set of lessons with our Wednesday Night Kids on the Scriptures. So far it looks like it will be a good set of lessons. Keep us in prayer as we are teaching.

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