Deputation – Week 41

Wow, we completely forgot to update things here on our blog last week! Let’s remedy that as quickly as possible! Palm Sunday (just over a week ago) we had the opportunity to head across the State to Waterville Baptist Church, to visit Pastor Mincy, his family, and his church family. Waterville is just a little ways away from Utica, in Central NY. We got in Saturday evening and had the pleasure of meeting Pastor’s kids first thing. Justin, Jake, and Jenna met us at the door and welcomed us to Waterville. We had a great time that evening playing games and chatting with them. Emily particularly enjoyed playing card games! We had a great time learning about the church family. We were quite excited about Sunday after chatting with Pastor Saturday night. Waterville is a fairly small town, but Waterville Baptist is a good-sized church with a very broad age membership. This turned out to be one of the most encouraging things about our time on Sunday. Let me explain: Sunday afternoon, after the morning service, there was a big fellowship dinner. But it wasn’t your average Sunday dinner. This Sunday was special. One of the couples in the church, Dave and Joyce, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! There was a time during dinner for people to give testimony to how the Lord had used them through the years, and it was amazing to hear. The vast majority of the church was there as a direct result of their ministry. He had led a number of people to the Lord through the years, and many of those people’s children and grandchildren were in the church because of their parents’ salvation. This was, frankly, amazing to see, and a huge encouragement to us.

Anyway, the Sunday morning service went well. Emi and I had a chance to present the ministry during Sunday School, and we were encouraged by Pastor Mincy’s preaching in the morning service. Because it was Palm Sunday, he was particularly striving to gear his people’s hearts toward the Easter story. It was very encouraging to hear.

Sunday afternoon, after the amazing fellowship dinner, Pastor and I went out for a run with one of the other men from the church. This was a first, and continued to provide great opportunities for fellowship. We ended up staying the night in Waterville, playing games and chatting till late into the evening. We came on home on Monday morning.

Last week we were able to get a good amount of work done on the “apartment.” It’s exciting to be getting so close to the end.

Easter Sunday, yesterday, we spent here in Albion. Dad asked me to preach during the Sunrise Service. We had an early-morning breakfast, followed by our Easter cantata, and a fellowship lunch. I never wonder why we’re Baptists. The food is always great! šŸ™‚

Anyway, we’re getting ready for a really busy couple of weeks. We’ll keep you all updates as we go. Thanks for your prayers.

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