Deputation – Week 44

This last week took us to the edge…of NY and PA. We were visiting the town of Lawrenceville, PA, and the people of East Lawrence Baptist Church. Lawrenceville is the last town in PA on the way North on US Rt 15. We had met Pastor Perry, the Pastor of East Lawrence Baptist Church, last year at the PARBC Conference, and have seen him regularly since then. He is on the Advisory Board at Grace Baptist Bible College, so we have a lot of friends in common. He told me we would be staying with his associate pastor while we were down there, so we headed right on over to Pastor Burke’s house. I never imagined we would have as much with him and his family as we do! It was pretty amazing. As they welcomed into the house, we saw the NBA Playoffs on the TV in the living room – The Miami Heat playing NY. Pastor Burke is a Miami fan. Then as we talked we found out that we had both graduated from PBC with our undergraduate degrees at the same time! He was an online student, so we didn’t know him, but he walked the stage with us! Then I found out that he’s a computer programmer! It was rather unbelievable. Needless to say, we had a great night of fellowship with him, his wife, and their three daughters.

Church on Sunday went really well. We met up with Pastor Perry and O’Neil first thing in the morning, and had a great day of fellowship with the folks there in the church. It was pretty interesting, because there were other connections even within the church to other folks we have met in our deputation journeys. It was a very fun day. We had lunch with Pastor and Mrs. Perry at their house. Mrs. Perry is a very good cook. 🙂 Sunday evening we presented the ministry God has called us to with the folks there, and had a number of good questions.

We stayed the night with the Burkes Sunday night, had some good pizza, and more good fellowship! We left Monday morning very encouraged. On our way back north we stopped by Bath, NY and had lunch with the Lindmarks. It was good to see that they are doing well.

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