Deputation – Week 46

Update time! We have a couple meetings to tell you all about! First, a couple weeks ago, we were back over in the Syracuse, NY area. If you remember from our meeting over there in Hamilton, we had driven through the geographical center of NY, but we didn’t get any pictures. Well, this past week we were a town over from Hamilton, and just over the hill from the Center of NY. So we got a picture. 🙂

But on to the important part! We were with Faith Baptist Church in Morrisville that week. They were having their Missions Emphasis Month, and we had the opportunity to be involved in that. It was a really good time. The church has been there for about 30 years, and Pastor Smalley has had some great outreach opportunities in that town. We had a blast sharing our ministry with the folks there and learning about the ministries they have had there over the past few years. There were a lot of great folks there at the church. A number of younger couples were there, with a lot of young kids. During Sunday School Emily had the opportunity to teach the kids, and both she and they had a great time. We had lunch with the church family (my sloppy joe was sloppy…never wear dry-clean tan pants when you eat sloppy joes), and it was really funny, because all the kids wanted to come sit next to us. If Mrs. Smalley hadn’t made sure she saved a spot, we’d have had a whole table to ourselves with all the kids! They were a lot of fun.

After the services we chatted for a while, then headed back home. We got back to Albion in time for the evening service at Victory Baptist.

We spent a lot of time that week working on the lawn, garden, and room. We’re very excited, because we are almost at the painting stage! So much has been done!

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