Deputation – Week 47

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Maine, NY. We had been in Maine, NY during the winter for a conference there, and had met several of the folks there, and Pastor Ben, and had been in touch with them since then. Pastor Ben was excited to have us back, and we were excited to have the chance. So we came in for a jam-packed weekend. We got in on Saturday afternoon and had dinner with the Courtrights, a family we hadn’t met in the winter. We had amazing lizard tails for dinner, and great fellowship. Emily checked out some very creative scrapbooks while I played on the Wii with Mr. Courtwright, while the pet parakeet flew around the room. It was quite fun. Then we went over to Mrs. Nelson’s house, with whom we would spend the next couple nights.

Sunday morning was busy! I taught Sunday School to a combined Sunday School class. Then while I preached the morning service, Emily taught Jr. Church. I had several people tell me what a great job she did, and a lot of the kids seemed to have enjoyed it. We went out with Pastor Ben and his family for lunch, as well as the kids from another family in the church. Then we headed over to the Nursing Home for ministry there. Sunday Evening we presented the ministry God has called us to with the church family. Then we headed over to the Parsonage for Fire and Fellowship. We worked on the float while we were there. The town of Maine has a Memorial Day Parade that we would all be involved in the next day.

Monday kicked off early as we headed over to the church for the parade. The parade ended at the cemetery where there was a short service in memory of our troops. After the parade and some running around we headed over to the park for a big chicken barbecue. It was a hot day, but we had a great time with the church family. Of course, no picnic is complete without a little competition, so we played a hearty game of softball for a couple hours. Our team got beat up pretty bad, but it was a lot of fun anyway. We headed home that evening, and spent yesterday recovering from the crazy busy weekend. 🙂

Pray with us for Pastor Ben and the folks there in Maine. Pastor Ben has a great heart and vision for the ministry, and we are excited to hear how the church continues to grow and influence the Greater Binghamton area with the Gospel.

I got the corn garden planted and fenced off yesterday and today. Hopefully we will keep the vermin from attacking. We’ll see.

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