Deputation – Week 48

Wow! We fell a month behind! So sorry we haven’t kept you all up-to-date on things. The last meeting we told you about was in Maine, NY. Well, the week after that, the week of the 3rd of June, we were in Forestville, NY. Forestville is not far from Dunkirk, NY. We traveled down on Sunday morning to spend the day down there. It was pretty crazy; we went down in a thunderstorm – we decided to go in with a bang! One of the strongest storm cells went right through Forestville as we were getting there in the morning.

Storm aside, we had a great time with Pastor Stitzel and his family. We had met them about a year ago at a Pastor’s fellowship, so this was a renewing of acquaintance. Pastor Stitzel is a younger Pastor. That was really neat to see, as this was the second week in a row that we’ve visited the churches of younger pastors, and it’s an encouragement to see their faithfulness. He’s been at the church for a couple years now, with his wife and three young kids. Forestville isn’t a huge church, but the folks there were very friendly with us and each other. It was a good time of fellowship. In fact, that was one thing that we took away from the church, was great fellowship. Also, the church is working very hard on their testimony in the community. This was very encouraging to see. We enjoyed the morning service there. For lunch, one of the ladies in the church, Jean, took us over to her house. It was a great meal, and we had more great fellowship with her, her daughter, and her two grandsons.

That evening we decided to hop down to Sherman, just to say “hi.” We surprised Randy and Jackie Cannon at their house, then went with them to church. It was a great night to stop in! They were having a pie social to celebrate and send off one of the young men in the church who is moving away. I had known him when I was younger, so we got to be there for the send-off, and enjoy the pies! Boy, were they good!

We got back up to Albion Sunday night and started getting ready for a really busy few weeks ahead.

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