Deputation – Week 49

We hadn’t scheduled a meeting over Father’s Day, so we thought we would take the opportunity to go back down to NC and visit our sending church, as well as my Dad. We had a meeting the week before Father’s Day, the 10th, so we decided to start heading South after our meeting. The 10th we were at First Day Baptist Church in Richburg, NY. Richburg is not far from the PA border in South-Central NY. It was a very nice Sunday Drive through the hills of NY. Pastor Allen has been at the church for about 20 years! The folks from Richburg were very nice. We had great services in the morning. Emily and I both taught Sunday School – she taught the ladies while I taught the men. After the morning service we had fellowship around pizza (we’re Baptist, after all. 🙂 ). Then we presented our ministry to them in the afternoon.

After saying “adeu” to them, we headed off South. We planned to spend the night with the Smiths in Brownsville, PA. It was about a 5 hour drive down there, so we got in around 8:00 at night. They had just gotten back from a Wedding Anniversary trip to Europe, and had lots of stories to tell! We also got in a few rounds of Uno.

We headed South again first thing in the morning, and got in to Winston Salem about mid-afternoon. We intended to spend the first week with our friends Pr. Luke and Ocean DeWald, and spend the second week with Andrew, Emily’s brother, and his wife Jess.

We were pretty busy our first few days in Winston Salem, and on Thursday things got a little crazier. We found out that Emily’s Grandpa had gone home to be with the Lord. We scrambled our plans up, and Emily flew home to NY on Saturday for the burial on Monday. I drove up the following Thursday with Andrew and Jess for the Memorial Service on Friday. All in all, it was a very crazy couple of weeks.

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