Deputation – Week 50

Week 50 was another crazy week. We got back from North Carolina on Thursday. We had lots of family in over the weekend, and had a great time with all them. On Sunday we headed out for another week away. We had a meeting down at West Portland Baptist Church, in Westfield, NY. This town is right down the road from where I grew up, and I knew some of the folks who are members of the church. In fact, Randy Cannon’s older brother, Ed, is a deacon there. We got in on Sunday morning and started getting everything ready for the service. West Portland is the largest church we had been to in a while, and we had a good time meeting up with everyone. After the morning service, we headed over to the Cannons for lunch. Then, after lunch, we went over to the Henry’s house for the afternoon. Mr. Henry had taught the men’s Sunday School class in the morning. Also, his dad had been the Pastor of the church for about 40 years. We had a relaxing time chatting with them through the afternoon.

During the evening service there was a smaller group, but everyone was very attentive and encouraging. We had a really good time the whole evening. After the service we headed out for Corry, PA. We were headed ultimately out to Indiana for the week, but thought we’d spend the night with Pastor Alger and his family.

The Alger kids were all very excited to see us when we got in, and the boys were looking forward to some serious physical activity. So we set up plans to go running and play basketball first thing in the morning. James and I ran 4 miles, then joined John in playing some early-morning basketball before Emily and I headed out.

Shipshewana, Indiana was hosting the Annual IBFNA Conference this year, and our Pastor was one of the speakers, so we were headed over to meet up with out teammates and enjoy a week of great preaching. There are many pastors from the PARBC who are also part of the IBFNA, so when Emily and I got in to the Conference Center we saw more Pastors that we recognized than otherwise. It was a good time of fellowship and reunion because of that. The Conference lasted from Tuesday morning through Thursday night, so we got back into Albion on Friday afternoon.

It was really interesting to be in Indiana for a week. We traveling back and forth between PA and NY all the time, and there is not a huge difference between the two states, particularly the rural areas of the states. But as we got to Indiana, it really felt like a different place! For one thing, everything was brown. All the grass was dead. The only green vegetation was the irrigated corn fields. If there was not a strong irrigation system in place, everything was brown. Also, it was heavy Amish country – even more so than rural NY and PA. Amish farms were literally everywhere. And they are set up differently than our farms in terms of fences and such that it just made the whole landscape very unique.

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