Deputation – Week 51

After getting back from the IBFNA Conference on Friday, we had something of a down-day on Saturday before a day of busy-ness on Sunday. We were scheduled to go back to FBC Marilla on Sunday evening. We had visited Marilla for the first time back in February, and they asked us to come back for a second meeting. We didn’t have any plans for the morning, so we decided to go back to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hamlin, NY, another church we had visited previously. We had been in Hamlin last October. When we got to Emmanuel Baptist, Pastor Miller excitedly walked up to us and asked if I wanted to preach in the morning service! I’ve never been one to turn down the opportunity to preach 🙂 so I happily said “yes.” It was good to see all the folks in Hamlin again, and hear how things are going with them. They are gearing up for VBS, and it looked like they were ready and excited for it. They will have another missionary there during the week to help them, so that will be a neat opportunity for outreach.

We went out to lunch with the Millers after the morning services, then headed back home for about an hour before leaving for Marilla. Somehow we had neglected to get pictures both at Hamlin and Marilla at our previous visits, so now we have pictures for you all. 🙂

Our time in Marilla was great. When we were there in February, there were a whole bunch of people who had been out of town, so it turned out to be a very informational time for most of the folks who were there. We also got to meet one of the other missionary families actually sent out from Marilla, who are back on furlough for a while. We had a good time chatting with them and hearing about the ministry God has led them into.

Be praying with us both for Hamlin and Marilla. Hamlin is a smaller, newer church, while FBC Marilla has been around for a long time and is quite large. Be praying that both Pastor Miller and Pastor Seefried in their respective ministries as they strive to reach their communities with the Gospel through their churches, particularly as the Summer months bring great opportunities through activities such as VBS.

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