Deputation – Week 52

Update time again! Two weeks ago found us in Corning, NY, at Christian Life Baptist Church. This is a younger church, who has only been in their building for about 5 years. Pastor Armstrong has been shepherding the church for over 10 years, though, and the church is really growing. Pastor Armstrong is just full of energy! His enthusiasm for the ministry was definitely contagious to his whole church family. We presented the ministry to the folks there during Sunday School, then preached in the morning service. A lady from the church took us out for lunch, and we were joined by Pastor Armstrong and his family. Pastor then invited us over to spend the afternoon at their home. They have a small farm on the outside of town, with a couple gardens, dogs, goats, and chickens. We had a great time just relaxing for the afternoon wiht the family. Then we sat in on the evening service, enjoying Pastor’s lesson on Systematic Theology. We were quite impressed with that, because not many churches seem to be doing a systematic theology like that with their folks. It was a very enjoyable day.

On the way home we stopped by the Lindmarks from Harvest Baptist Church, just to say hey. Pastor Lindmark was out of town, but we saw Mrs. Lindmark, and their daughter, Gracie, sang a lovely song for us. She was very cute.

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