Deputation – Week 53

A lot was going on this week, and it was a blast! This Sunday we were headed to Lester Baptist Church in Windsor, NY. We had originally been scheduled to be at Lester Baptist back in November, but because of a Pastoral change, we were rescheduled to this week. Windsor in not far from Binghamton and Maine, NY, where we had been over Memorial Day weekend. So on the way down, we stopped by and saw the Winns. We only had a couple of hours to spare when we got there, but made the most of them! Pastor Winn, his son, and his daughter and I all went over to the church and had a Nerf gun war! That was a lot of fun. Pastor Winn had us all in the bag!

After the “war” we headed over to Windsor and met Pastor Lockwood and his wife. And the adventure began! We had a great time with Pastor Lockwood. He is an 84-year old Pastor, who has been in the ministry for a long time. He has served in that area of NY/PA for most of his ministry, and had so many great stories. He has connections with several pastors and churches who either support us or we had become friends with. In fact, Pastor Winn served as an interim pastor with Pastor Lockwood right there in Windsor before he took the Pastorate in Maine. It was neat to hear how the Lord has provided for Pastor Lockwood throughout his ministry. We also learned that Pastor Lockwood is very musical. He plays the piano, organ, and has three accordions! He played for us, as well as showed Emily how to play. It was all pretty impressive.

Pastor asked me to teach Sunday School the next morning, then Emily and I presented the ministry during the morning service. One of the guys in the church turned a year older, so there was a big surprise birthday party after church. That was pretty crazy, because shortly after we got there, a pretty strong-looking thunderstorm came through. We could see the rain come pouring through the field right in front of the house, but the storm stayed just a little east and south as it moved through, and we felt nothing but the spray of the rain as the storm passed by! It was such a blessing because there were a lot of people there, and we would not have all fitted in the house!

Anyway, while we were there, we met a guy from another church in that area who has connections with my family! His parents worked with my Grandparents at Source of Light for over a decade!

Sunday evening was pretty neat. As we walked over to the church, Pastor asked me if I wanted to lead music. I haven’t had the opportunity to lead music since we were at our sending church quite a while ago. So that was really neat. Then Pastor had asked me to preach the evening service. It was a good time of fellowship.

Monday, before heading home, we stopped by Kingsley, PA, and saw the Woods, some friends from Springville Baptist Church. We hadn’t seen them in a few months, so it was good to touch base with them again as well. We got home Monday night in time for Portuguese class.

Emily’s parents have been on vacation from the end of last week through this weeks, so we’ve had the house to ourselves. We got the “apartment” painted over the past few days, and have also begun harvesting some of our garden. The lettuce and peppers are coming into season. Our corn, however, is doing pretty poorly. Today we’re going to begin work on the flooring.

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