Deputation – Semana 54

Last week we had the opportunity to travel over to Palmyra, NY to spend the day with Fellowship Baptist Church. This was a really neat opportunity, because Emily and I were contacted by the missions committee over at Fellowship Baptist Church about a month ago, asking if we could come present our ministry with them. This was one of the only times a church has contacted us to come and share with them. Palmyra is only about an hour or so from us – Just on the other side of Rochester. We headed over first thing in the morning on Sunday, and met Sandy Patrick and her family there at the church. The rest of the church family got in not long after. The church is a pretty young church, with a lot of younger poeple in it. We had a great time getting to know them all throughout the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we headed over to the Patrick home to play volleyball and spend some time chatting. We had some great conversations about missions and ministry in general. Emily and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Fellowship Baptist Church.

We have spent a lot of this week preparing for VBC’s Family Week (VBS) in just a couple weeks. We’ll be out of town next week, and the week we get back we have VBS, so there are a lot of preparations for it. We also had time to do work on our “apartment.” We’re getting close to the end, for which we are very thankful and excited!

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