Deputation – Week 55

Time for an update! The last couple weeks have been really crazy, and we’re excited to tell you about them!

Two Sundays ago we were with Middletown Road Baptist Church in Pittsburgh. We met Pastor Kistler and Pastor Rew over a year ago, at a PARBC Conference, and pretty much immediately hit it off with them. Pastor Kistler a very encouraging, friendly pastor. We had thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him over the past year, and were very excited to be able to meet his church family and formally share our ministry with them. Through Pastor Kistler we also met Pastor Hill, pastor of Union Baptist Church in Kittanning, not too far from Pittsburgh. We have also gotten to be good friends with him as well. Pastor Hill has a Prophet’s Chamber in the bottom of the church in Kittanning that he welcomed us to use while we were visiting Middletown Road, and we worked the schedule out so that we would be with Pastor Kistler one Sunday, spend a week in Pastor Hill’s Prophet’s Chamber,  then be with Pastor Hill’s church the next Sunday. So we got to Pastor Hill’s Prophet’s Chamber Saturday evening, and headed over to Middletown Road in the morning.

We had a great day with Middletown Road Baptist Church. After the morning service they were having a fellowship dinner, so we brought feijoada to share. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After the services of the day, we made plans with Pastor Rew to go sight-seeing around the city of Pittsburgh later on that week.

Tuesday we headed up to Cook Forest State Park where we spent the afternoon and evening with Pastor Baltich. We had a great time with them, hiking and chatting.

We helped out with some technology needs on Wednesday around the church. Then Thursday we went with Pastor Hill and his daughter Joanne, and met up with Pastor Rew in Pittsburgh. We went sight-seeing throughout the city during the morning and afternoon. Lunch was amazing. I had a sandwich appropriately called the RoethlisBurger. It was very good. That evening we had dinner with the Rews and headed over to a park after dinner for a game of basketball. Pastor Rew schooled me pretty good, and we had a good time.

We spent the rest of the week shopping, studying, and preparing for the weekend.

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