Deputation – Week 56

Earlier this week we began telling you all about our trip to Pennsylvania. We told you about all our sightseeing around the city of Pittsburgh, and our Sunday with Middletown Road Baptist Church. Well, that next Sunday, two weeks ago now, we were with Pastor Hill and his church family, Union Baptist Church. We shared our ministry with them in Sunday School, then preached the morning service. We had a big fellowship dinner after the morning service, for which we made feijoada. If you remember, we had been spending that whole week in Union Baptist Church’s Prophet’s Chamber, which was down next to the kitchen. Well, the downstairs had been nice and cool that whole week, but Sunday was rainy, so it got very warm and muggy downstairs. So after a yummy lunch, and with it being so warm, everyone had a very hard time staying awake for the afternoon lesson. So we kept things short and sweet. 🙂

After a short nap, and some heartfelt “so long”‘s, we headed off to NY. we had VBS all that week, so we needed to get home and finish preparation for that

VBS went very well Emily and I co-taught the teen class with another couple from the church. We had a lot of teens out to VBS, both from our church and from town, kids who don’t go to church. Continue to pray with us that God will continue to use his Gospel in their hearts. A number of these kids seemed very interested in the Gospel.

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