Deputation – Week 57

After our week of VBS, we had the opportunity to travel over to Binghamton, where we visited with Central Baptist Church. We got in on Saturday evening and met up with Pastor Mattox and his wife for ice cream (who doesn’t like ice cream?) so we could get to know them a little bit, and them us. Sunday morning was great. Central Baptist is quite a large church – one of the largest we have been to. We had a great time with them all day; we presented the ministry with them in Sunday School, then preached in the morning service. Pastor Mattox took us out to lunch after church with another family. We had an excellent Chinese buffet – except they didn’t have any egg rolls! 🙂 It was good, though.

We headed home Sunday afternoon. As we got to early evening, we were still outside the Rochester area, so we thought we’d go over to Grace Baptist Church in Marion, where we’d been back in February. They were having a special service at a family’s house, so we headed over there for the evening. It was a good evening of fellowship and Bible Study.

This week we got a bit more work done out in the apartment. We got a lot of the floor laid, and it is looking good!

Keep praying for our diligence as the summer winds down. We have a lot of things we need to do, and the weeks are just flying by. We are gearing up for a new Wednesday night ministry as we begin to work with the teen group.

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