Deputation – Week 58

Week 58 – 2 weeks ago – was another action-packed week. We were with FBC Hallstead, in Hallstead PA. We had visited this church back in the Spring for the PARBC Spring Conference, and met a number of the folks back then. Now we had the chance to go back and share with them the ministry God has called us to. Pastor Woodruff invited us to the Sunday School Picnic the church was hosting on Saturday afternoon. So, Saturday morning we headed off for Hallstead, PA. We got to the park just in time for the start of the picnic, and had a great time of fellowship with the church family.

We stayed with the Woodruff family until Monday, and had a great time with them and their three energetic little girls. Pastor and I had some great conversations about theology, staying up probably way too late into the night. Sunday we had a good time renewing aquaintances with a number of folks and meeting a few others for the first time. Pastor had us present our ministry in the evening service, which seemed to go very well. We had a number of good questions about the ministry.

Monday Pastor Woodruff decided he wanted to go for a run with me, so we pounded the pavement together first thing in the morning. I told Emily on the way home that the Pastors of New York and Pennsylvania will be the most well-conditioned in the whole US after our deputation!

Pray with us for the folks in Hallstead and for Pastor Woodruff’s minsitry there. He is very passionate to see that minsitry grow, and not stagnate. This was very encouraging to not only hear, but see in action just in the few days that we were down there.

After we left Hallstead, we went down to Kingsley to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Wood, and go to the Hartford County Fair with them. We had a great time with them for Monday and Tuesday, and were very sad when we had to head home.

On the way home we stopped by Central Baptist Church and introduced ourselves to Pastor Hoffman. The folks there at Central are very exctied to have Pastor Maxom starting his pastorate there in just a few weeks.

We spent the rest of the week getting things ready for Youth Group. Emily and I are going to be working with the teens this Autumn on Wednesday nights at Victory Baptist Church, here in Albion, with another couple from the church. We’re looking forward to this opportunity, and pumped to be getting back into Wednesday night ministry after the summer.

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